• Ijara House Holding possesses 100% of ProTruck Auction.

    A company specialized in the auctions of the heavy equipments and trucks in the UK through an investment of 20,000,000 US Dollar Ijara House Holding (Kuwaiti Shareholding Closed Company) has announced for its complete possession of The UK ProTruk Auction specialized in the auctions of the machines, heavy equipments and trucks through an investment valued in amount of nineteen Million US Dollar. This totally possession of The UK ProTruk Auction is an outcome of ceaseless and great efforts of negotiations and arrangements for executing a complete purchase agreement for the whole company and thus it turned out well and crowned by success. This possession is considered a large one in the economic fields in The Arab Nations and in Europe as particular. By its vision, Ijara House Holding is looking forward to reaching the global efficiency in presenting the auctions services in various sectors that will be a very great achievement. This possession is not only an addition to Ijara House, but also to the sector of the Kuwaiti Investments in the UK as it is a complete possession for a Kuwaiti company on a Britain company whose experience in auctions of the machines, heavy equipments and trucks has been extended for a several years. Mr. / Saad Abdullah AlHanain, Chairman of Board of Directors and the Managing Director has pointed that it is the third possession for Ijara House Holding company of auctions companies following possessing The Fleet Auction Group, UK on 2008 and Al-Itihad Auto Auctions Co., the United Arab Emirates on 2010, however this last possession of ProTruk Auction is considered the most important one whereas the company has oriented to an auction sector parallel to the cars that is machines , heavy equipments and trucks market. The completion of the bargain in an economical congested time resulted from the understanding and the harmony between the board of directors and the Executive management and thus praise be to Allah as this step is considered the most important one among Ijara House Holding achievements at the level of auctions sectors. It is undoubted that it is a great achievement that has been moved forward among the company missions to achieve its strategic aims that were placed for achieving an integrated auctions group in the various sectors reaching to the a global standards and bases of work making it one of the leaders of this sector in the markets we are working in. On the other hand, Mr. / Khaled Al Mahdi, Vice Chief Executive Officer of Ijara House Holding Company has added that the process of negotiations with the owners of ProTruk Auction for a period got close to two years and the result was a complete possession. This company is considered one of the competitive companies in the auctions sector specialized in machines, heavy equipments and trucks as it owns exclusive contracts concerning managing and reselling fleets of transportation and distribution companies in the United Kingdom. The company is keeping on the quality and the type of all equipments and trucks under auction to be the best link between the seller and the purchaser in the market of the heavy commodities. .

  • IJARA is an integration of Kuwaiti, reigonal and International group of companies, and has been a pioneering entity in the realm of operational activities.

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