Kayan Holding

Kayan Holding Corporation is a Kuwaiti holding entity, established in 2003, and operating in accordance with the regulation and provisions stipulated in the corporate law for holding corporations.

It has a paid up capital worth 3,000,000 KD, the equivalent to US $10 million and with a value worth 100 Fils per share.

The vision of Kayan Holding entity is based on market trends, identified by its subsidiaries, in solutions and services, leasing, and post-lease car rental services in line with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. (Jurisprudence).

Kayan Holding aims to expand in the Automobile Services Sector, through the creation of an integrated system of companies and centers offering car checking, servicing, repairing, and washing services.

The company also aims to expand and grow regionally, targeting the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East with a range of products and services, including leasing services tailored to market needs and with emphasis on quality standards.

Kayan Holdings specializes in managing and establishing large-scale operational companies, achieved through the company's experience and abilities in seizing economic opportunities in the region, and creating support systems that provide unique services via its affiliates.

By utilizing internationally recognized standards in business, and implementing these standards throughout its companies, Kayan Holding ensures maximum profitability and efficiency throughout its operations.

Kayan capitalizes on specific industries that are recognized as economically sound.  It works on tailoring its standards and operational needs to sustain long-term profitability, while ensuring a high quality of products and services.

Kayan Holding
Sharq Ahmed Al-jaber Street,
Al Wafra Real Estate Building, Floor No-9
Tel : +965 22420715
Fax : +965 22407500#210
Email : info@kayanholding.com

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