Ijara Capital Inv.

Ijara Capital is a subsidiary of Ijara House Holding, founded in response to the financial crisis of 2008.

Ijara Capital began its activities by initiating an auction sector in the Arabian Gulf, in adherence to a clear and ambitious vision set by the parent company. The main focus was on creating an integrated auction system and generally developing the auction industry throughout the region.

One of the most important objectives of establishing Ijara Capital was to concentrate on investment opportunities, in particular local sectors and Gulf Co-operation Council countries.

Ijara Capital also focused on exploring available opportunities in this area and becoming a leader in the industry. This was achieved through the initiation of new opportunities in the auctions sector and, in turn, reaffirming the company's financial position in relation to its competitors.

Located in United Arab Emirates, in Dubai Emirate, Ijara Capital launched with emphasis on a promising vision, The company represents the investment sector of the mother company, which was created in the post mass-global financial crisis to achieve the strategic objectives established by the Ijara House Holding. 

The most important aspect of its foundation is the company’s realization that an integrated auction system could be established in the region, with the creation of future auction sectors extending locally and regionally.

In addition to the mission stated above, the company also seeks to create and activate investment opportunities in the operational work sectors. These sectors are considered safe and profit-generating segments, especially when compared with the other work sectors, ensuring safe operations in crisis and related issues. 


In addition to that, Ijara capital investment acquired Al- Itihad Auto Auctions, one of the biggest Auto Auctioneer Company at the level of the United Arab Emirates particularly in Dubai, and it's heading to enter other markets in the Arabian Gulf area by new acquisitions and alliances within a strategic plan action prepared and pre-planned to be in the primacy position of the auctions sector in the region.


Ijara Capital Inv.
Al Masraf Qusais 2nd Bldg,
1 st Floor – Office 105,
P.O. Box 87359, Dubai.
Tel : +971 4 257 9100
Fax : +971 4 257 9651
Email : info@ijaracapitalinv.com

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